What is web development?

Developed with the Internet, web development refers to the process of writing a website or web page in a technical language. This is an essential step for content to be put online and reach its readers.

What is web development?

Web development relies on the use of languages (HTML/CSS, JavaScript, PHP…) to write programs that are then executed by computers. The instructions are set up on the Internet and are carried out on servers. Depending on the needs of the owners of the site or web pages, the latter may consist solely of text and graphic elements resembling a document or may be interactive by displaying evolving information (shopping cart, for example).

The job of the web developer

The web developer is responsible for the realization of all the technical functionalities of a website or a web application. According to the requirements presented in a precise specification, this specialist analyses the needs and defines the appropriate technical solution. He then develops the functionalities of the site or web application by writing lines of code. Its missions also include diagnosing and solving problems detected on a site already online. Versatility, autonomy, adaptability and meeting deadlines are among the qualities of this professional.

What are the appropriate training courses to become a web developer?

Various training courses for web developers are provided within the Big Universities and centers. IESA multimedia thus offers a BAC+3 in web development, with the Bachelor’s degree Multimedia Project Manager, accessible to Bachelors or holders of a BAC+1 or BAC+2. The specialization in web development takes place during the 3rd year.

To obtain a BAC+5 in web development, candidates must pursue two additional years of study to acquire more advanced technical skills in this field. At IESA Multimedia, they can continue their studies with the Master’s Degree in Digital Strategy with a specialization in project management and web development. Delivered over two years, this training takes place in alternation, on the basis of 4 days in a company and 1 day at school. With intensive periods dedicated to group projects: creation of a site in responsive design, development of a mobile application, interclass competition…

For adults undergoing reconversion, IESA multimedia offers a 5-week web developer module. The program consists of the following courses:

  • Introduction to dynamic and static sites
  • Hosting systems
  • CMS Learning
  • Introduction to PHP language
  • Data base design
  • Algorithmic and PHP program