7 code editors for programming!

Finding the right code editor for programming can have an amazing impact on your productivity and the quality of your work. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced user, chances are you will find yourself alone with this editor for hours, so it is better to use an interface that you like! We help you tour a few publishers so you can choose your puzzle partner.

What is the difference between a code editor and a code compiler?

First of all, know the difference between these two tools: a code editor, unlike the compiler, does not allow you to test or interpret your lines of code. It is therefore a writing tool rather than a production tool.

The code editors


Atom is a code editor that we like thanks to its clean and colourful user interface, but also thanks to its total free access. Atom is an open source code editor that can easily be integrated into Git or Github. Although it may experience some slowdowns and bugs, this code editor will satisfy you and is constantly improving.

Visual Studio Code

Developed by Microsoft, Visual Studio Code is an efficient code editor that will be able to support larger projects. With an integrated terminal and easy integration with Git, VSC is quite slow to start up. However, it is very robust and free of charge.


Do less to do more. Notepad+++ is an easy-to-use text editor that will allow you to create your lines of code on a simple and customizable interface. You can still perform many tasks at a blistering speed. Completely free, it can only be used on Windows.


SublimeText is one of the most famous tools. Available on Mac, PC and even Linux, this code editor has a streamlined and highly customizable interface (thanks in particular to the plugins made available) that allows you to have a high productivity. With several syntax highlighting options, SublimeText allows you to highlight the desired elements of your code to make your task easier. It exists in free and paid version (80$).


“Brackets” is a code editor for web projects. It allows you to create HTML5 code (web programming: JS, CSS, PHP…) and facilitates the task with syntax highlighting for a wide range of languages.

Brackets is very interesting for CSS editing and has many features (such as its ease of highlighting CSS definitions of the selected <div>) Very customizable, its interface is pleasant and fast, although it knows quite a few bugs.

Komodo Edit

Komodo is a simple but powerful code editor. Available on PC, Mac and Linux, this editor will allow you to code in any language and will help you highlight conflicts or errors in your code to move faster.

It exists in a free version, and its paid version will allow you many additional integrations and features.

Text Wrangler

Made available by Bare Bones, Text Wrangler is a basic code editor that will allow you to process the most popular programming languages. Free and easy to use, Text Wrangler is only for Mac users.