Welcome to Erika’s Web Design Part of CFD & IP Ltd.
We specialise in producing user-friendly personalised websites using the latest XHTML and CSS standards.

We offer a complete package from photography and graphic design through to website building, maintenance and hosting. We have in-house computer expertise covering a wide area.

Although based in London, we also work for the holiday industry in Cornwall and will accept assignments anywhere.

Please view our portfolio of sample websites and if you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us either through the contact us page or by telephoning 01720 458193.

Erika has a MA (Hons) in Fine Art at Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design in London. In addition to her artistic background, she has a good eye for retailing and marketing, having been a manager at Selfridges on Oxford Street and been heavily involved in visual merchandising.
Sample Websites Here are a selection of websites commissions which have been undertaken. Please roll the mouse over the images to enlarge or click to visit the websites. You will see that the websites are custom built and can reflect your individual requirements.

Classy Cottages This large website has 200 pages. Features include: New Logo & Photographs, Online Booking Form, Rollover Floor Plan, Contact Form, PDF Map, Notice Board and Tariff Database.

Hamar Acrylic This small website has 6 pages. Features include: Design background, Vectorised Logo and a new Map.

Lerryn Cottages This website has 7 pages. Features include: Website Design Graphics, Rollover customer’s photographs, Contact Form, Notice Board and 3 PDFs (Tariff, Map and Directions, Booking Form).
Sample Prices Here are two websites: Pink Cottage and Yellow Gallery with a fixed price. You can also have any other modification at an extra cost

Pink Cottage . . . . . £230 This website layout has been purposely designed for a single self-catering cottage with six pages:

• Design header banner
• Home welcoming
• The cottage
• Photos
• General information
• Notice board with Client Editor Site
& sublinks to 3 PDFs
• Contact pages

Yellow Gallery . . . . . £310 This eleven page website has been designed to display photos or images:

• Design header banner
• Home welcoming page
• Four different gallery webpages
• Total of 33 photos on website with six photos per gallery page
• Two Sublinks
• Contact form page

Design header banner This gives your website an individual look and design combining your company logo, name and colors

Client Editor Site Allows you to change the text on any page of your site. Gives you the freedom to update or change the information you wish to give your clients at the click of a button. With an annual fee of £20 inclusive for the first year.

Photos Each page has a pre-sized photos with the height and width of each photo display in the middle.

Text Boxes The text boxes have a pre-sized number of characters across and lines at the top left side of each text box.
Build Your Own Website An easy way to design your own website within your budget

Simply select from the 24 page layouts below, we will add your content, colour and customized the website to suite your needs.

– Initial website set-up is priced at £70
– Set-up fee includes one year’s hosting, one UK domain name and ten email addresses

Select number of required pages from the drop-down box beneath each image below and the total cost of your website will be calculated in the table on the below.
Estimated Cost Breakdown:
Item Description Quantity £
Website setup fee @ £70 each 1 £70
Web Pages @ £10 each 0 £0
Number of Photos @ £5 each 0 £0
Extra Sublinks @ £5 each 0 £0
Notice Board (Self Editing) @ £40 each 0 £0
Contact Forms @ £20 each 0 £0
Sublinks These can be added within each page; as you can observe in gallery one on the Yellow Gallery Site, the sublinks lead to Studio 1 and Studio 2. There are 6 pre-sized photos on each page but this can be modified depending on individual requirements. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me, either through the contact us page above or call 01720 458193 or fax 0207 0995399.
Tel: 01720 458193 Fax: 0207 0995399
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